Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen

Do you often feel secluded when you are in the kitchen? Most kitchens are originally built with barriers like walls and doors that can make the room seem like a separate entity in your home. An open concept kitchen allows for a more open space that feels more comfortable and homier.

With an open concept kitchen, the kitchen is not walled off. Instead, the kitchen is part of one great room, usually combined with the dining room and/or living room. If your kitchen was not originally built this way, you may need to leave some walls in place if they are load bearing. However, most kitchens can be remodeled into an open concept. Here are some of the benefits of an open concept kitchen.

Makes the Space Seem Larger

If you have a smaller home, having the appearance of larger space can be important. If your kitchen is small and seems cramped, an open concept remodel could make it feel more open and less claustrophobic.

Brings People Together

Do you often feel secluded from your friends and family when entertaining because you’re spending all of your time in the kitchen preparing food? Having an open concept kitchen allows you to get the food preparation done while still socializing with your friends and family. It can make cooking much less lonely.

Brighter Rooms

Especially if your adjoining rooms have lots of windows, remodeling into an open concept kitchen can brighten the room significantly. Natural light is always preferred, and the more light you have in the kitchen the easier cooking and food prep becomes.

Increased Home Value

Because open concept kitchens are so popular, you can significantly increase the value of your home with this remodel option. Increased home value is important if you ever plan on selling your home. It can also be important for your credit. If you ever need a home equity loan, you will have more equity in your home than before because the home’s value has increased.

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen into an open concept design, contact us today for more information or to get started.