Kitchen Cabinets Tampa

Cabinets have the ability to add or detract from the overall appearance of a kitchen. When they look new, kitchen cabinets give the entire kitchen an updated feel. When they look worn, they make the rest of the kitchen seem outdated as well. Cabinets also serve the functional purpose of storing dishes and food items so they can be accessed conveniently. When you are ready for beautiful and efficient new cabinets, you can turn to Kitchen Creations in Tampa.

Choose Your Décor

tampa kitchen cabinetThe style of a kitchen often mirrors the personality of the owner, and this is especially true if the owner is an avid cook. It is impossible to spend numerous hours in the kitchen without wanting to make changes to the décor to reflect personal tastes. So when it is time to remodel your kitchen, this is your chance to make the kitchen exactly how you want it. We can help you transform your cooking area into a sleek modern kitchen or a cozy farmhouse eatery. Your kitchen can be luxurious, it can be quaint, or it can exhibit the feel of true southern hospitality. The choice is up to you.

Wood Types

You may think you know about the wood types used to make kitchen cabinets, but we encourage you to come into our Tampa showroom to learn more. Until you run your hand across finished cherry wood, and experience how it seems warm to the touch, you will not be able to make a truly informed decision. You can find out for yourself how it feels to open and close a solid oak cabinet door. You will see how maple can brighten up an entire kitchen, and how stained birch is nearly indistinguishable from much more expensive wood types. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you explore the many wood types we have available.

Cabinet Door Styles

kitchen center cabinetsThe style of your cabinet doors can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. For example, did you know that glass panel doors will make a small kitchen appear much larger than it is? When looking at the front of glass panel cabinets, a person will unknowingly gaze through the glass to the back panel of the cabinet’s interior. This can give a narrow kitchen the appearance of having a full wall-to-wall width, something not possible with solid doors. We offer a large selection of cabinet door styles, including raised panel, flat panel, slab, decorative, and more.

Space-saving Designs

If you have plenty of space in your existing kitchen cabinets to store everything you would like, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Most Tampa homeowners do not, and that is one reason so many of them come to see us at Kitchen Creations. When we help you design new cabinets, we find ways to utilize all available space. Storage can be created above the refrigerator, under the sink, and inside corner cabinet units. Our design specialists know how to make creative use of spaces other designers overlook.