Need Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel? Consider These Holiday Lifesavers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time to start planning your kitchen remodel. If you’ve been on the fence about features and options that you want included, using the holidays can be a great inspiration. Here are some holiday lifesavers you might want to include in your new kitchen.

Expand your cooking area.

If you frequently cook large family meals or host large dinner parties, the standard four-burner range with a single rack oven is just too limiting. Take advantage of redesigning the layout of your kitchen to make room for more cooking surfaces. A six-burner range with an oven and an additional two-oven appliance allows you to pull together huge meals with ease and timeliness.

Design your kitchen by workstation.

It’s pretty common to have some help in the kitchen when you are pulling together big holiday meals. If you want everyone to be able to help efficiently instead of getting in your way, you should design your kitchen by workstation. 

For example, one workstation could be a small shallow sink for rinsing vegetables, set in a counter with a chopping board surface, and a garbage disposal for cleanup as you prep. Another workstation could be the “baking station,” making use of a kitchen island to create a space specifically for creating your favorite confections.

Install an island—and fill it with drawers and cabinets.

If you want to be able to have help setting the table without people underfoot in the kitchen, your island is a perfect place to store your “company plates.” With the service ware and the guest china stored in the island, anyone can come get what they need to set up without stepping foot in the food prep space.

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