Now is the Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

With the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been staying at home to flatten the curve. Spending so much time indoors is making many people very restless. As stay-at-home orders expire or are relaxed, you are likely to be spending a lot more time out of the house. That makes this the perfect opportunity to get your kitchen remodeled.

Shutting Down Your Kitchen

One of the biggest inconveniences of a kitchen remodel is being unable to access your kitchen for cooking and meals. However, when you are spending a lot more time away from home, you are also dining out more often. Once the shutdown is over and restaurants begin opening back up, you’re going to want to go out to eat all of your favorite foods you’ve been missing. While you’re eating most of your meals away from home anyway, it is a good time to remodel your kitchen.

Stimulus Checks

Another advantage to getting a basic kitchen remodel right now is that you likely have some extra money to work with. If you’ve been collecting the extra $600 per week on unemployment or if you are still working full time, you likely don’t need your stimulus payment for bills and groceries. You can instead use that money to help with your kitchen remodel. A family of four will receive $3400 in stimulus money, and that’s a good start toward your remodeling budget.

Keeping It Sanitized

An old, outdated, breaking down kitchen is hard to keep sanitized, which is extremely important during the current pandemic. Getting new equipment and countertops can help you keep things cleaner and more sanitary. When you get a remodel, your contractors will make sure that the kitchen is sanitary before you take it over.

If you are interested in a kitchen remodel with your stimulus, contact us today to get started.