What Is Scullery Kitchen Design?

If you think a “scullery” sounds like something from the 19th century, you’re right! This concept was popular in the Victorian period as a place to wash dishes, clean, and perform kitchen work that hosts didn’t want guests to see. 

Though scullery kitchen design decreased in popularity during the rise of the open floor plan, it’s coming back into style now! Many homeowners want a smaller “back kitchen” area to handle the messiest aspects of meal preparation and cleanup. 

The Purpose of a Scullery Kitchen

In today’s modern world, a scullery kitchen offers a great place to house the functional but not always attractive elements of a kitchen, such as the coffee maker, toasters, and other countertop appliances. 

A scullery kitchen is also the perfect solution for people who frequently host dinner parties and guests. Dishes, linens, dry goods, and other items can be kept in the scullery kitchen in order to create a pristine environment in the main kitchen. 

Popular Scullery Kitchen Design

Many people design their scullery kitchens to look like oversized walk-in closets. Food, countertop appliances, dishes, linens, containers, and other common kitchen items are stored on shelves or in cabinets, while a sink and dishwasher make it easy to clean up each day’s mess. 

It’s most common to connect the scullery as an offshoot of the main kitchen. Depending on the size of your home, it may even be located next to the dining room as a staging area between the kitchen and the table. For many homeowners, a scullery right off the kitchen makes it easy to enjoy a nearby kitchen workspace.

How To Get a Scullery Kitchen

Team up with kitchen renovation experts like the team at Kitchen Creations in Tampa, Florida, to design and build the scullery kitchen you’ve always wanted. Kitchen Creations can create your new scullery kitchen based on your home design, lifestyle, and unique needs. Call (813) 964-9576 today to learn more.