Why Now Is the Best Time to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Even if you want to wait for the pandemic to die down before inviting contractors into your home, now is the best time to start planning your kitchen remodel. You have more time and resources at your fingertips at the moment than you would normally. Take advantage of that to plan out every detail of your dream kitchen.

Get Organized

Before you start planning your kitchen remodel, get yourself organized. Decide if you want a notebook or physical binder, if you want to use your phone apps, or if you want to use your computer to track all of the options, decisions, estimates, etc. 

Take your time building the kitchen of your dreams.

If you’re working from home, laid off, or unemployed due to the pandemic, you probably have a lot more time on your hands than usual. Use this time to really research the different options for all aspects of your kitchen, from floor to ceiling, including appliances, fixtures, and hardware. 

Don’t worry about price or budget at this point. Just have fun building your dream kitchen. When you meet with our contractors, they will be able to take those choices and help you find similar options that fit within your budget.

Decide on a target date for your kitchen remodel.

If you want to make sure that your new kitchen is ready in time for the holidays, you might not be able to wait until next year. Decide on a target date, but you should keep it somewhat flexible. If you absolutely need your kitchen remodel done by a certain time, we can absolutely meet your needs. 

However far in the future you want to get your kitchen remodeled, scheduling with us now will ensure you are first on our list. We can always move your start date, if needed.