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Kitchen Creations is a full-service kitchen remodeling company specializing in kitchen cabinets and countertop design and installation. We are based right here in Tampa for your convenience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to sit down with you, explain your remodeling options, and provide you with a free estimate. And when it comes time to perform the work, our installation crew will complete the job to your utmost satisfaction.

Invest in Your Kitchen

Like other home improvement projects, remodeling your kitchen has the potential to substantially increase the market value of your home. Appraisers and potential buyers have a way of quickly finding their way to the kitchen, at which point the appearance of your cabinets and countertops will immediately make an impact. Considering the appreciation in home value you will experience, a well-planned kitchen remodel can literally pay for itself. Even if you never intend to sell your home in Tampa, the kitchen is one room you and your family are sure to spend time each day, making new cabinets a wise investment for that reason alone.

Cabinets that are Beautiful to Behold

Do your kitchen cabinets and countertops look dated? Worse yet, do the cabinet doors and sliding drawers no longer operate properly? If so, we invite you to visit Kitchen Creations in Tampa and see what you have been missing. Breathe new life into your kitchen with an attractive new cabinet set that will look and perform great for decades. From bright décors to deep, rich wood tones, our selection of mid to high-end cabinets includes something for every taste. There is no reason to continue putting up with unsightly or defective cabinets. We can help you upgrade your kitchen for less money and in less time than you think.

Storage, Accessories, and More

Replacing your cabinets will certainly improve the look of your kitchen, but the benefits of remodeling go far beyond visual appearances. Remodeling is also about enhancing the function of your kitchen. The team at Kitchen Creations can help you design a cabinet system that will make your life easier. You can have more storage space and more convenient access to the dishes and utensils you use most. We can come up with a design that incorporates larger or additional kitchen appliances. Your design can also include features you have been wanting like additional counter space, pull-out shelving, or removable cutting boards.

New Countertops

Perhaps more than any other kitchen feature, countertops have undergone a dramatic style change through the years. Modern countertops are made from gorgeous natural stone, such as granite, soapstone, and marble. Other countertop choices include engineered quartz, precast concrete, stainless steel and wood. Every countertop material available has its own unique characteristics. The staff members at our Tampa showroom have extensive experience with all of these selections, and they can help you choose the one that best matches your cooking habits, décor, and budget.


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Our kitchen remodeling services are top notch quality with the best kitchen design to fit your needs.

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We install medium grade to luxury grade kitchen cabinetry using quality decorative cabinet hardware.

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